Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) is a program which provides formal case management to eligible children from birth to five years of age, who are at risk for poor health outcomes. This program is offered FREE OF CHARGE to residents of North Carolina. Staffing includes registered nurses and social workers who provide information regarding needed preventative and specialized services for children and their families.

The goal of CC4C is to work with families to identify specialized support services for themselves and their children. Through the program, families will have increased access to services and children with special health care needs will have maximum opportunity to reach their developmental potential.

Services Offered

  • Discuss family strengths and concerns through home visits, telephone calls and other personal contacts
  • Identify programs, services and resources that meet your family’s needs
  • Provide developmental screenings and referral
  • Suggest ways you can strengthen parent-child relationships
  • Offer encouragement and support


  • Children with Special Health Care Needs (chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional conditions) who require health and related services of a type and amount beyond that required by children generally.
  • Children exposed to severe stress in early childhood, including:
    • Extreme poverty in conjunction with continuous family chaos
    • Recurrent physical or emotional abuse
    • Chronic neglect
    • Severe and enduring maternal depression
    • Persistent parental substance abuse
    • Repeated exposure to violence in the community or within the family
  • Children in foster care who need to be linked to a Medical Home
  • Children in neonatal intensive care needing help transitioning to community/Medical Home care
  • Substance Affected Infants referred by the Department of Social Services with a Plan of Safe Care.

Who can make referrals?

  • Your child’s doctor or nurse
  • Hospital social workers
  • Schools or daycares
  • Department of Social Services
  • Family members

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