The Communicable Disease Program at Granville Vance Public Health primarily deals with infectious diseases that are reportable by law to the state health department, as well as a few other communicable diseases of public health significance, such as influenza, norovirus infection and certain healthcare-associated infections.

We prevent the spread of disease by investigating cases and outbreaks, promoting vaccination, and planning for infectious disease emergencies.


  • General Communicable Disease Control – investigates general category reportable diseases and outbreaks, implements and enforces control measures and compiles statistical information on these diseases.
  • HIV & Other STDs – provides surveillance and follow-up of reportable sexually transmitted diseases in order to control major epidemic threats to the community.
  • Rabies Control – investigates and monitors reported animal-inflicted injuries/exposures to humans such as bites, scratches or other exposures, and acts as a consultant to the medical community and general public regarding potential life-threatening infections acquired from animals.
  • Adult Day Health – assists in protecting the health of disabled and older ad​ults​ by providing mandated monitoring of health services provided in Adult Day Health facilities.
  • Communicable Disease in Child Care, Nursing Homes & other Facilities – provides communicable disease follow-up as well as education and consultation.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Control assisting persons suspected of or diagnosed with Tuberculosis Disease or Infection. Persons who request a TB skin test or need screening for Tuberculosis Disease or Infection.