Granville Vance Public Health is thrilled to announce a momentous occasion in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic – we received of our initial shipment of Moderna vaccine doses in Granville on Monday, December 21st. We received a total of 700 doses across our Granville and Vance locations combined. On Tuesday, December 22nd, we administered our first few doses to some of our clinical staff at the health department who qualify for Phase 1A. Our team is taking inventory, preparing the ancillary supplies, training on computer systems and vaccine handling, and preparing to vaccine others. This hallmark in the pandemic experience marks the beginning of the end! So much good public health work lies ahead.

We will continue to share information about COVID-19 vaccination on our website, through our Facebook, and in partnership with the local media. To learn more, visit our website at or the NCDHHS website at

See the full press release for more information: Granville Vance Public Health COVID-19 Vaccine Press Release – Dec. 23, 2020